Sonnets from Suburbia


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Why sonnets? Because rhyme and rhythm make this life much sweeter!

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It all started about eight years ago while taking a Shakespeare class at the esteemed Antaeus Theatre in Los Angeles. We were assigned the task of writing an Elizabethan sonnet to get more up close and personal to iambic pentameter. I dashed one off and kept dashing. “Look, teacher, I wrote four!” “That’s nice. Just read one, Penny.” Despite his lack of enthusiasm mine was un-dampened and hence…this!

From “Competition” in Season 2 of “Sonnets from Suburbia”

From “Competition” in Season 2 of “Sonnets from Suburbia”

So 300 + sonnets later I’ve got a book out in the marketplace - publishers always welcome on this site - a live show available for hire, a YouTube channel, and a cool costume and wig that’s holding up sans laundering! Don’t stand too close to Lady Penelope.